Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Display the version number on your InfoPath form

Tired of not really knowing if the InfoPath form you're looking at is the latest version?

Here's a simple trick to display the info.

  • On your form find a suitable place to add a textbox (I place mine at the bottom, right corner)
  • In the new textbox property, click the Fx button and insert the following in the formula box:
    concat(substring-before(substring-after(processing-instruction()[local-name(.) = "mso-infoPathSolution"]; 'href="'); '"'); " template with form version "; substring-before(substring-after(processing-instruction()[local-name(.) = "mso-infoPathSolution"]; 'solutionVersion="'); '"'))
  • Now you can format the textbox with text color, size (use 'auto' as width) and position.

I found parts of this somewhere on the net, so don't blame me if it works :-)

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