Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SharePoint survey and line spacing

If you have ever made a SharePoint survey with a Rating Scale you may have run into an issue where your questions so to speak 'flow together'.

The reason is that SharePoint doesn't add any padding to the top and / or bottom of your questions. This make them rather difficult to separate as you can see in the below example even if it's in Danish:).

There are no out of the box setting to add 'spacing' between the questions and the most common solution found on the Internet has to do with adding a script to the page that will manipulate the questions or add some styling to the table behind the questions. It's doable, but not practical.

But if you can live with a minor imperfection, here are a quick workaround:

Add one space and twenty to twenty-five underscores to the end of each option or sub-question.

This will force the dialog to insert a line break and thereby make your question more readable.

Only drawback is that the underscores will show also in Graphical Summary

That's it :)


  1. Works great--thanks for information!

  2. Thanx a lotttt..:)

  3. Thank you. Such much better and easier than trying to messing with the web part.

  4. Thank you very much. Very easy and effective solution. Saved me several hour. Greetings from Turkey